The house appears to consist of two lamellae of different sizes with mono-pitched roofs, creating an even more dynamic shape for the house. In fact, though, we enter a spacious, open-plan ground floor, which thanks to its shape gradually reveals pleasant, intimate spaces to the visitor. In the living room, which offers the most light, you can sit by the large windows and observe the surrounding area.

Stairs lead to the upstairs sleeping area, where a gallery offers a view of the living area below. Located on the upper floor are a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom, two smaller bedrooms and a small bathroom. The large glazed areas offer a connection between the interior spaces and the landscaped green surroundings.

The result is a house of modern design with optimally functional floor plans offering comfort and ease of living.

The house is on display as a show house at the Blaue Lagune show house park in Vienna.

Ground Floor Plan   101,07 m2

Ground Floor Plan

01 Windfang 8.74 m2
02 Utility 3.22 m2
03 WC 3.71 m2
04 Küche mit Esszimmer 35.95 m2
05 Wohnzimmer 49.45 m2
101,07 m2

Floor Plan   79,82 m2

Floor Plan

01 Galerie 12.2 m2
02 Schlafzimmer 26.61 m2
03 Badezimmer 1 8.94 m2
04 Kinderzimmer 1 13.2 m2
05 Badezimmer 2 5.35 m2
06 Kinderzimmer 2 13.52 m2
79,82 m2

House Details

Additional Information

House type PURE
Room Count 6
Lenght (m) 15,02 €
Width (m) 14,31 €
Built area (m2) 0,00 €
Ground size (m2) 180,89 €
Energy level Super-efficient house
Roof type Pent roof
Roof Angle (°) 0,00 €



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