BlackLine Pure-M


The house consists of two parallel lamellae of different sizes and heights. Roof shapes are adaptable and can vary from a flat roof to a gently sloping asymmetrical dual-pitched roof or a steep symmetrical dual-pitched roof.

The façade envelope of the two lamellae is uniform and in lighter shades. Breaking up the façade are large, long glazed areas and wooden panels in the niche of the exterior terrace. The smaller and lower of the two lamellae is divided into two sections. The front section contains the garage and a utility area that enables a transition to the other lamella.

The other section contains the kitchen and dining room, which are connected to the large open-plan living area of the longer lamella. Large glazed areas connect the dining room and kitchen to the terrace outside. The upper floor contains two children's bedrooms and a bathroom. Also on this floor are the master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom opening onto the wellness room, which can be set up as a fitness room, sauna and jacuzzi. Access is also possible from here on to the flat roof of the lower lamella, which becomes an outdoor terrace.

Tloris pritličje   163,03 m2

Tloris pritličje

1 Windfang 10,49 m2
2 Flur 5,84 m2
3 Speise 6,77 m2
4 Technik 15,9 m2
5 Arbeitszimmer 13,62 m2
6 Flur 17,55 m2
7 Küche mit Esszimmer 40,49 m2
8 Badezimmer 4,7 m2
9 Treppe 5,04 m2
10 Wohnzimmer 42,63 m2
163,03 m2

Tloris nadstropje   101,48 m2

Tloris nadstropje

1 Flur 11,79 m2
2 Badezimmer 4,02 m2
3 Kinderzimmer 1 15,71 m2
4 Kinderzimmer 2 14,48 m2
5 Badezimmer 20,99 m2
6 Schlafzimmer 34,49 m2
101,48 m2

House Details

Additional Information

House type PURE
Room Count No
Lenght (m) 24,50 €
Width (m) 15,69 €
Built area (m2) No
Ground size (m2) 264,51 €
Energy level Plus-energy house
Roof type Pent roof
Roof Angle (°) No



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