Based on the design of the BB house, the BBx is a larger variant in which the organisation of the floor plan places a greater emphasis on the functional division of the kitchen/dining area and the living room area.

The heart of the ground floor living area becomes the living room, which logically combines a discreet entrance to the bedroom on one side and an open, uniform transition via the dining room to the discreetly offset kitchen area. Large glazed areas provide plenty of natural light and allow the house to maintain a direct contact with the garden. Excessive sun exposure is controlled by a bold projecting roof that gives the house a unique and recognisable appearance. A combination of upright, spontaneously spaced larch planks along the south façade softly wraps the house in a veil of discreet warmth. Geometrically rigid forms are softened by the wooden accents of fittings and panelling elements.

With its characteristic pointed shape, the house has a grounded appearance and gives the impression of a low, single-storey building despite the fact that it is functionally designed as a ground floor plus mansard.

Tloris pritličje   106.6 m2

Tloris pritličje

01 Vetrolov 2,93 m2
02 WC 2,66 m2
03 Tehnika 4,35 m2
04 Stopnice 6,06 m2
05 Dnevna soba 30,27 m2
06 Kuhinja 14,07 m2
07 Jedilnica 14,07 m2
08 v 16,05 m2
09 Kopalnica 8,05 m2
106,79 m2

Floor plan   60.7 m2

Floor plan

01 Galerija 25,01 m2
02 Kopalnica 12,67 m2
03 Otroška soba 1 13,23 m2
04 Otroška soba 2 11,54 m2
62,45 m2

House Details

Additional Information

House type PURE
Room Count 5
Lenght (m) 14,34 €
Width (m) 9,93 €
Built area (m2) 127,55 €
Ground size (m2) 169,24 €
Energy level Plus-energy house
Roof type Gable roof
Roof Angle (°) 38,00 €



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