Edvard Blažko

Edvard Blažko has designed the "Individual" and "Pure" houses. Villas for pioneering people: striking, surprising, innovative, futuristic. Designs which have the potential to change the world of construction

Interview with the BlackLine architect:

Every house consists of walls and a roof. What makes your houses different?

These are individual houses, houses with character. I accompany my clients on the road to their life's work. The construction of an individual house requires a vast amount of preparation. Before I draw my first draft, I delve into the life of my client. What do they enjoy, what are their hobbies, what films do they watch, what books do they read and what sort of pictures do they hang on their walls? I look at their lifestyle, their personalities. There are thousands of tiny details which define the style of an individual person. I attempt to define this style. I also look at the landscape in which the house will be constructed. What plants or trees are usually planted? Is the environment urban or rural, and will the house be part of a settlement or will it stand alone? I combine all these factors with contemporary architectural elements, modern materials and sophisticated technology. This produces interesting and diverse houses, in which every single detail is carefully thought through. Houses which satisfy the needs of my clients, which are modern and comfortable. However, my designs are not "pop architecture" worth seeing only for the next five years. Our architectural practice strives for modern and sustainable design.

What is the role of an architect?

Primarily, I work on behalf of my clients. They entrust me with their most personal and important investment. For me, the fulfilment of their needs and desires is the most important task. Naturally as an architect, I also have a responsibility towards the environment. Its conservation and protection are the foundation of the life of future generations.

Who are your clients?

My clients are individuals with a feel for aesthetics. Individuals who are discerning and demanding. They have expectations and requirements when it comes to quality of life and wish to live in a modern, unique house. They do not want a commonly available, standard house.

How would your houses look if you didn't need to compromise?

I would build a house on the moon. We need unrealistic dreams and goals. They drive us forward. I try to make every project the "best" house. At first glance, the complicated land issues and financial constraints of the clients can limit my possibilities. However, these challenges call for my creativity and are the springboard for interesting solutions. The result is often far better than the original idea.

Can good architecture also be ecological and energy efficient?

Of course. There are already many projects in which we have combined good architecture with exceptional energy efficiency. Energy efficiency makes its own demands on design: large glass surfaces which face south, small windows facing north and a smaller house footprint. This is not a problem for a competent architect. Nowadays, there is such a wide range of environmentally friendly materials available that even an ecological house can satisfy the latest styles and trends. 

Is architecture a status symbol?

Every person who lives is representing and baring their soul. If there was not a human need for representation, there would be no Pyramids, no St Peter's Basilica, no Versailles, no Sanssouci Palace and no Neuschwanstein Castle. What looks so amazing on such a grand scale also applies to smaller properties. When other people visit our private domains, we present ourselves, showing others how we think and what our tastes are, what we like. For this reason, our practice always tries to highlight the personality of its clients in high-quality, interesting architecture. Architecture is art. We design spaces.


What do people say about BlackLine

    BlackLine Architect:

    "Architecture is art. At BlackLine, I design spaces which are beautiful buildings for living in."



    „Our BlackLine house is a work of art. Extravagant, with original features. My feel-good house!“


Villas designed for pioneering people: cosmopolitan, sophisticated, unique.


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The use of high-quality building materials and careful, certified processing means a BlackLine house satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and durability ...


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BlackLine houses are buildings which call for many different design and planning disciplines, combining the latest architectural, construction and engineering expertise...

BlackLine Show House

Show House

We have built a house from the BlackLine range at the Blaue Lagune, Austria's biggest show house park.