Planning phase

The BlackLine fascination: a competent team of experts will plan every single step of your future house with you, right down to the very last detail.


Before construction can commence: a thorough and realistic plan is the fundamental requirement for problem-free construction without issues and a conflict-free life. Carelessness and neglect at the planning stage is like planning conflict in advance. The floor plan of a house characterises the life within it. It specifies how much communal space is available and how much for being alone. A good floor plan will reflect the lifestyle of its inhabitants and make their daily routine easier. However, it's not just the floor plan which needs to be given careful consideration. A large amount of basic key data on the construction process, from construction through financing to the schedule, will have to be collated and determined. The quality of planning determines how smoothly construction will take place. A competent team of experienced experts is available at BlackLine to accompany you every step of the way and to plan your future house according to your wishes, right down to the very last detail. Why not arrange a consultancy meeting with us? Get to know us! The first consultation is free!


Build with your own architect

You have already found your architect: then bring your draft design plans to Lumar. We will build your house... 

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Building with blackline architects

Do you like the designs of the BlackLine architects? Then why not have our team of young designers design your own highly personal house... 

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What do people say about BlackLine

    BlackLine Architect:

    "Architecture is art. At BlackLine, I design spaces which are beautiful buildings for living in."



    „Our BlackLine house is a work of art. Extravagant, with original features. My feel-good house!“


Villas designed for pioneering people: cosmopolitan, sophisticated, unique.


The BlackLine
Quality Philosophy

The use of high-quality building materials and careful, certified processing means a BlackLine house satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and durability ...


BlackLine Technology

BlackLine houses are buildings which call for many different design and planning disciplines, combining the latest architectural, construction and engineering expertise...

BlackLine Show House

Show House

We have built a house from the BlackLine range at the Blaue Lagune, Austria's biggest show house park.