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Privacy and protection of personal data

Lumar undertakes to protect your privacy. Most of our web pages have been designed so that you do not have to provide any personal data. To be able to keep you up to date with the latest developments (e.g. sales programme catalogue, registration to receive e-news, etc.), we need certain information that will allow us to recognise you (personal data) or make contact with you. These are the only cases in which we will ask you to send us this information. The details you provide to us will not be passed on to any unauthorised person, and will be used only for the purpose for which they were provided.

Lumar does not collect any personal information about website visitors who have not given their permission for such collection.

For statistical purposes, Lumar reserves only the right to acquire visitor data that does not allow the identification of individual characteristics. In particular, it does not handle visitor IP addresses. Kraft&Werk d.o.o is responsible for maintaining the Lumar website. Under the contract entered into with Lumar, it carries out all operations relating to the maintenance and updating of the site. Kraft&Werk d.o.o. handles personal data only within the limits of the powers delegated by Lumar.

Conditions of use

Visitors are informed that the material presented on this site is for information purposes only. Lumar makes every effort to keep the information on the site up to date, but cannot guarantee that it will always be accurate.


Lumar accepts no liability for documents and data available on the site, and assumes no legal liability with regard to the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information or any described product or procedure.


The content and images published on are the property of Lumar and may be used only for non-commercial purposes. Wherever they are used, all information concerning copyright and other rights must be provided. They may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any other manner without specific approval by Lumar.


Conditions of use of the website


This website has been prepared for you by Lumar IG d.o.o., Limbuška cesta 32A, 2000 Maribor and the site manager Kraft&Werk d.o.o. The information about the Lumar IG d.o.o. companies and other clients has been prepared in a precise and detailed manner. However, it is possible that errors may have been made in the insertion of content or in the site itself. If this is the case, we apologise to visitors for these errors. If you have noticed an error, please let us know by sending an e-mail to By entering the site, visitors accept unconditionally and without limitation the general conditions of use of the site.


All content on the site is informative in nature and intended primarily for information purposes. The site manager undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure the reliability, quality and reliability of the data. However, the site manager cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors or for any delays or deficiencies in the entry of data during updates. The manager reserves the right to change, at any time, the models, specifications and availability of the products without prior notice.


All prices indicated on this site are given purely for information purposes and do not represent a commercial offer of Lumar products. They are therefore not binding for sellers or support services. The purchase of any Lumar product is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the individual sale contracts.

Use of cookies

The manager uses cookie technology, which makes it possible to track your navigation on its website and record users' activities on this web page, as well as to assess and improve the site in order to constantly refine and improve it for our visitors. Your computer provides the ability to configure your browser in such a way as to block cookies or inform you when they will be sent.

Use of the configurator

The configurator is a tool that serves as an aid to users and promotes Lumar's products. The information provided by the configurator is exclusively purely informative in nature and does not represent the final commercial offer of Lumar's products. The manager reserves the right to modify the configurator at any time without notice.

Personal data/user data

The data that is sent to the site manager via the Internet will be used only in order to compile an offer of Lumar services and/or products. In accordance with the nature of the information, Lumar IG d.o.o and the website manager undertake do to everything in their power to ensure total security during the collection, transmission and storage of personal data. The site manager undertakes not to transmit your data to third parties, whether natural persons or legal entities, with the exception of other entities within Lumar's network of business centres and services. You can at any time exercise the right of withdrawal, correction and revocation of permission to use your personal data.

The website manager regards the Internet as a medium through which individuals can transmit feedback or other data connected with the pages of the manager's website. The site manager undertakes to do everything in its power to take suitable account of the data and feedback sent, where appropriate and usable. The site manager assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to all data transmitted by the user, and reserves the right to remove such data from its databases without giving any further reasons or notice.

Copyright, industrial property and intellectual property

The form of these web pages with all their content is protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. The information, texts, images and other graphical elements found on the site may be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes, and must not, without the manager's express written permission, be reproduced, modified, transmitted, released or published in whole or in part for any reason, except for purposes of consultation.

Notice concerning copyright, industrial property and intellectual property

The presentation and content of these pages (including the website code) are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. The information, texts, images, code and graphical material contained in this website may be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes, and may not be reproduced, modified, transmitted, released or published in whole or in part for any reason without the prior written permission of the site manager's company, except for purposes of consultation.

Restriction of use of images on web pages

The website manager regards the Internet as a medium for the exchange of information, and allows individuals to reproduce images from its website on request, which should be sent to the site administrator by e-mail to For information purposes, the criteria used for the handling of such requests are as follows:

The web page presents Lumar's brand and products in a positive manner; The web pages do not contain any unlawful or inappropriate materials; The images used are unaltered (no additional text on the images, the images are not cut or pasted with other images, the colours and proportions of the images remain the same, etc.); The reproduction of images that represent Lumar products is permitted. Reproduction of the form and appearance of this website is not permitted; The number of reproduced images is not excessive and is consistent with the website's objectives; The owner of the copyright is the site manager, and of "Copyright © Lumar IG d.o.o."; With the use of the images, the individual or organisation gives permission for the manager to make contact with it in order to create a link to the Lumar group's web page on the page of the individual or organisation concerned.


All trademarks, logos and service marks shown on these pages are the property of Lumar IG d.o.o or of third parties. They may not be used, permanently transferred into a personal database, copied or distributed in any way or form without the prior permission of Lumar IG d.o.o. or third parties, if applicable.


The manager's web pages may also contain links to other sites, which are totally independent from this site. The manager gives no guarantee concerning the accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of the information contained in these links or on other sites referenced by the links from the manager's page. Users access these sites on their own responsibility.


The website manager expressly declines any liability for any damage, whether direct, indirect, accidental, caused or of any other nature, that might occur as a consequence of or arise in any way from your accessing or using the manager's pages, including any type of loss or damage caused by computer viruses or as a result of information acquired through the manager's web pages.

Updating of conditions of use

The site manager reserves the right to modify the general conditions without notice. Any such modifications will enter into force at the time of their publication.


Lumar IG d.o.o., Limbuška cesta 32 A, 2000 Maribor

Publication of changes

Any change in our business policy or our policy on the protection of personal data will be published in this declaration on the protection of personal data on the home page and in other appropriate places.

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